Trade Notices

Sr No. Date Subject
Trade Notice No. 01/2023 27.01.2023 GST Seva Kendra -reg
Trade Notice No. 01/2022-23 12.12.2022 GST Seva Kendra - Trade Notice - 01/2021
Trade Notice No.01/2021 25.10.2021 GST Seva Kendra - Trade Notice - 01/2021
Trade Notice No.09/2020 21.12.2020 Trade Notice No. 09/2020 dated 21.12.2020
Trade Notice No.6/2020 25.08.2020 Revised Guidelines for Conduct of Personal Hearings in Virtual Mode.
Trade Notice No.5/2020 21.08.2020 Launch of eOffice in CGST Commissionerate
II/1-01/GAPR/Maintenance.Building/2017/18 II/1-01/GAPR/Maintenance.Building/2017/18
IV/16-02/Vad-2/T/Trade Notice/2020-21 Shifting of Office Premisis of Central GST and C Excise Division XI(Panoli), Vadodara-II Commissionerate
02/2019/VAD-II 27.12.2019 Board's Circulars/Instructions relating to standard operating procedure to be followed in case of Non-Filers of Returns Under Central GST Act 2017
Public Notice No.01/2018 07.09.2018 Regarding re-distribution of work of CPIOs/ Appellate Authority
11/2018/VAD-II-M/R. 07.08.2018 Board's Circulars Relating to GST - REG.
10/2018/Vad II 01.08.2018 Nodal and Grievances Redressal Officers nominated for implementation of e-way Bill - REG.
09/2018/Vad II 20.07.2018 Trade notice on refund disposal fortnight-m/r.
08/2018/Vad II 25.06.2018 Board circular for clarification on various issues
07/2018/VAD-II 18.06.2018 Anti profiteering & functioning of State Screening Committee
05/2018/VAD-II 05.06.2018 Special Refund Fortnight 31.05.2018 to 14.06.2018
04/2018/Vad-II 25.05.2018 Nomination of Nodal Officers for various issues related to GST-REG
03/2018/VAD-II 17.04.2018 Setting up of an IT Grievance Redressal Mechanism to address the grievances of taxpayers due to technical glitches on GST Portal-m/r.
02/2018/VAD-II 17.04.2018 Board's Circular Relating to CGST Act 2017 - Reg
01/2018/VAD-II 04.04.2018 For information and necessary action
Trade Notices (2017 - 2018)
Sr No. Date Subject
25/2017/VAD-II 20.03.2018 Board's Circular relating to CGST Act 2017
24/2017/VAD-II 15.03.2018 Special Drive "IGST EXPORTS REFUND FORTNIGHT" beginning from 15th March to 29th March, 2018 - REG.
23/2017/VAD-II 05.03.2018 Refund of IGST on Export– Invoice mis-match Cases –Alternative Mechanism with Officer Interface
22/2017/VAD-II 23.02.2018 Cadre re-structuring and re-organization of Ahmedabad Customs
21/2017/VAD-II 14.02.2018 Board's Circular relating to GST
20/2017/VAD-II 02.02.2018 circular from CBEC
18/2017/VAD-II 01.01.2018 Filing of Returns under GST - CBEC Circular
17/2017/VAD-II 22.12.2017 Clarification of various issues, Supply by artist, maintenance of books of accounts additional place of business, manual filing and processing of refund, manual application for advance ruling and appeals, Electronic sealing, Extension of filing of ITC-01, Extension of filing of GSTR-5, 5A, 13th Amendment of CGST Rules [GSTR-1/Refund]
16/2017/VAD-II 30.11.2017 Division of Taxpayer base between the Central Government and Government of Gujarat - reg
15/2017/VAD-II 27.11.2017 Clarification of Terracotta Idols, Inter-state movement of Rigs and Tools, Applicability of IGST/GST on goods transferred/sold while deposited in a warehouse
14/2017/VAD-II 21.11.2017 Clarification on refund of unutilised input tax credit of GST, Taxability of custom milling of paddy, Implementing of Electronic Sealing by Exporters
13/2017/VAD-II 16.11.2017 Clarification of time limit for TRAN-1, Extension of time limit for TRAN-1, applicability of GST and availability of ITC in respect of certain services, Manual filing and processing of refund claims in respect of zero rated supplies
12/2017/VAD-II 08.11.2017 Clarification of Procedure regarding procurement of supplies of goods from DTA by EOU, etc., Dule date for generation of GSTR-2A and Form GSTR-1A, Refund of IGST paid on export of goods
11/2017/VAD-II 03.11.2017 Clarification of Implementing of Electronic Sealing for Containers of Exporter under Self Sealing
10/2017/VAD-II 30.10.2017 Clarification on Applicability of GST on SKO, Unstitched Salwar Suits, Time limit of intimation of details of stock held on date preceding the date from which the option for composition levy, Extension of time limt for Form GST Reg-26, Extension of time limt for submitting the declaration in Form GST TRAN-1, Extension of time limit for submitting TRAN-1, Refund of IGST paid on Export
09/2017/VAD-II 24.10.2017 Officer Authorised for enrolling or rejecting application for GST Practitioner, Movement of Good Supply on approval basis,  CGST (Removal of Difficulties) Order, 2017
08/2017/VAD-II 10.10.2017 Clarification regarding Refund of IGST paid on Export, Bond/LUT for Exports, Electronic sealing of containers by Exporters
07/2017/VAD-II 22.08.2017 Live DEMO Sessions for filing of GST Return 3B
06/2017/VAD-II 31.07.2017 Clarification on Inter-state movement for repairs and maintaince, Section 16 of IGST Act, relating ot zero rated supply for the purpose of Compensation CESS on Exports
05/2017/VAD-II 10.07.2017 Circular regarding Proper Officer for provisions under CGST Act, 2017
04/2017/VAD-II 10.07.2017 Board’s Circular, Instructions relating to Exports and Export Procedures
02/2017 21.06.20147 Jurisdiction of all field offices of Central Excise, Service Tax & Customs [Legacy] in Vadodara Zone
01/2017 21.06.2017 Jurisdiction of all field offices of CGST in Vadodara Zone